4×4 are known as off-road tyres in common terms as off-road tyres are the main type of 4×4. Other types of 4×4 tyres include 4×4 on-road tyres and 4×4 all-terrain tyres. Well, the main differences between each category are quite clear by their names. Off-road tyres are those which are installed in vehicles that are run off the road (rough and irregular surfaces), on-road tyres are those which are installed in vehicles moving on the road (smooth surfaces). And all-terrain tyres are those which are installed in vehicles that are able to cope up with multiple surfaces.                  

The major difference between 4×4 on-road and 4×4 off-road tyres is that the off-road tyres have larger tread depths that keep the off-road vehicles stable while moving. Moreover, 4×4 tyres have larger tread gaps also. Due to increased traction, 4×4 tyres are slower in moving and thus require extra fuel consumption.

4×4 all-terrain tyres are useful to work for both on-road and off-road purposes. These tyres are actually designed to provide balanced features of on-road and off-road tyres to vehicles. Off-road terrains include sandy surfaces, gravel, rock, mud, grass etc. 

 What factors are considered for buying 4×4 tyres?

  • Look at the quality of the tyre you are buying.
  • Choose the tyre with a deeper tread.
  • Select the tyre with enhanced grooves.
  • Go for the tyre with a strong carcass.
  • Make sure that the tyre is made of a good quality compound.

Where to get 4×4 tyres from?

Dubai Tyre Shop

Dubai Tyre Shop is a Dubai based online store that aims to provide people with the best quality tyres in the most affordable price range. This online store provides customers with a wide range of tyre categories that are used for different types of vehicles. Moreover, Dubai Tyre Shop has an affiliation with a long list of top most tyre brands that make sure that the quality of tyres is not compromised. 

Which categories of tyres are available at Dubai Tyre Shop?

  • You can get car tyres from here.
  • They also provide you with various off-road tyres.
  • Customers can also look for bus and truck tyres at Dubai Tyre Shop.
  • SUV tyres are also available at this store.

Why Dubai Tyre Shop?

  1. They facilitate customers with installation benefits.
  2. You can choose the most suitable installation centre to get your tyres installed.
  3. Customers can also select which time is best for their tyre installation.
  4. They provide you with multiple varieties of tyres at the most suitable prices.

How to contact Dubai Tyre Shop?

If you have any questions related to their services or products, feel free to contact them and get your answers.

Contact numbers

+971 5562 69517
 +971 54420 4322


As there are many different tyre shops in Dubai, so it gets difficult for the customers to decide where to buy from. Dubai Tyre Shop is the top recommendation of many customers because of the quality of services that it provides. Feel free to call them on the given contact details and get solutions to all your queries.