Few Things That You Must Know Before You Ship Your Car

Often due to change in job location to a different state or any other country, you will need a suitable service for shipping your car in the safest possible manner.

There are a number of companies like Ship a Car, Inc. who ships cars and offers superior shipping services to people like you for relocating vehicles to your chosen destination.

Following are few things that you must know before you deal with any such company.

  • Get the following information from shipping company
  1. Try to know their types of shipping whether by road or through sea
  2. It is also essential for you to know how much will it cost you for shipping your car to the required destination.
  3. Know how much time it will take for the car to reach the destination.
  4. Whether your car will remain insured during the transit and also whether insurance cost is included in the shipping cost?
  • Avoid preferring for lowest price

Do not select any car shipping company on the basis of their lowest quotation only, rather ensure that they are offering quality service.

  • Select right company and then stick to it

Do little research about the company that you want to deal with and make sure that they have good reputation and a provide good service.

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  • Check company review

Prefer to read customer reviews from the internet about the company, so that you can get real picture about their professionalism.

  • Remove unnecessary items from car

Before you hand over your vehicle to the shipping company, you must remove all unnecessary or any expensive items from the car.

  • Don’t fill the fuel tank

You need not fill the tank however make sure that there is sufficient fuel available so that you can drive your car to some reasonable distance.

  • Get your car inspected by shipping service company 

Before handing over the car to the shipping company, get it inspected by them and have a copy of their inspection report.

  • Inspect car when you receive it

Also, while receiving the car, thoroughly inspect your car to ensure that you have received it in good order.

  • Be careful about scam

Lots of scams are taking place these days and hence you have to be very careful. Double checks about the shipping company before you hand over your car.

  • Make payment through safest mode

Try to make payment through the safest mode, so that you do not become a victim of identity theft

  • Avoid making full payment before 

Never ever make full payment in advance. All payments must be made only after receiving your car in a safe condition.

  • Check insurance policy

Make sure that the insurance policy offered by the car shipping company is the right one and it will cover fully against damage, theft and all other eventualities.

  • Use GPS tracking

Make sure that shipping company provides certain tracking number, so that you can always know its current location through GPS.

  • Read the contract for shipping carefully 

You must read all the terms and conditions very carefully and there must not be any ambiguity.