Five Benefits of Auto Service Specials You Shouldn’t Miss

It is a known fact that car dealerships also run auto service centers apart from selling the products of a particular brand, or a bunch of them. That itself is a reason why the dealerships offer several benefits to their values customers who either have recently purchased a vehicle from their outlet or has done it several years back. The service specials are basically service coupons that are offered to the customers of a dealership to reduce the overall cost of an auto servicing to a certain percentage, if they avail the same service from their authorized auto service center.

For us, it was the Clementon service coupons that made a lot of difference when we started availing their services for every small and big requirement to keep our car healthy and running.

How it Works

The service specials are service coupons that the customers of a certain dealership earn through buying their products, or by availing their auto services. Once a customer accumulates enough points by availing the services, they add up to a monetary amount that gets reduced from the overall cost of a particular service in the form of the service coupons, which are also referred as service specials. So, here are five benefits that the customers get by availing the service specials.

  1. Reduction of the Service Cost

The first and foremost benefit of availing the service specials offered to you by the dealership from where you purchased your car is the reduction of the overall cost of a service, that otherwise could be quite expensive.

  1. Guarantee of Service

Since the service specials or the service coupons offered to you by a car dealership can be redeemed only at their authorized auto service center, what you get by default as a benefit, is a guarantee if service, that usually you cannot expect from a small scale private garage.  It means that if you are not satisfied with the quality of their service, while you avail the service specials, you can get a re-servicing done without having to pay for it again.

  1. Timely Servicing

When you are offered a bunch of service specials it goes without saying that they will come with a strict validity period, within which you have to redeem the coupon. If you want to enjoy the benefit of the service specials, you have to give the particular service within the stipulated time, which in return will help you maintain your car better.

  1. OEM Parts

When we availed the service specials near Clementon, we got to know that when you avail the service specials for a part replacement, the other benefit you get apart from a discount in the price, is the guarantee of OEM parts, which will run as long as originally the part served you. So, at a lesser price, you get a better quality product as part replacement, because of the service specials.

  1. Moral Boost

Lastly, if you are among those, who hate to spend your money and time for the servicing of your car, these service specials give you a moral boost of doing so, by reducing the cost and play on your psychology by rewarding you with more such points that will earn you more service specials.