How to ship a golf cart?

Golf carts are an integral part of the game of golf. If you are really in fancy with golf and want to carry your gaming gear to your next summer home, you need to ship it to your designated location. However, there may be some other reasons too for which you require to transport your golf cart. Whatever the reason behind, as an owner or a buyer or a seller you would hassle-free transportation for your delicate gaming gear.

Unlike any other special vehicles, transporting golf carts also requires specialised and extensive shipping experience. But you can’t expect such experiences from every general vehicle transporter. Moreover, it is noticed after evaluating and comparing different special shipping services that the price estimates are also far more different than regular vehicle shipments. So, for safe transportation of your golf cart, you should find a reputed shipping company that owns both experience and speciality.

Apart from the above factors, there are few more essential predicaments that would help you to know how to ship your golf cart with ease. So, let’s dive into the shipping procedure followed by the important tips regarding the same:

Transport methods and modes

Along with searching for the right transporter for your golf cart shipping, you should look after some more details about the additional requirements. Your prior concern regarding this should be deciding the method of shipping. Unlike other regular vehicles, there are also two types of shipping service for golf carts; open-air shipping and enclosed shipping.

As you can understand both the processes, it is obvious that the enclosed shipping option is much more secure than open transportation, especially for shipping such delicate kinds of vehicles like golf carts. Enclosed shipping ensures your gears protection and privacy, yet better to be mentioned that the cost of shipping is pretty higher than open shipment process. Enclosed version is safer but that doesn’t mean that open transportation would damage your cart for sure! Customers who can not effort enclosed options, are interested in shipping in open trailers or trucks and their experience is not unsatisfactory. It is suggested to opt for open-air transportation in case of short distance to cover but in case of cross country shipment, you should better go with enclosed shipping.

Additionally, there are mainly two modes of shipping services provided to the customers according to their request. Like door-to-door and terminal to terminal shipping. In the former mode, the shipper picks up as well as delivers your cart to your desired location and charges extra pennies for your preferred service. On the other hand in terminal to terminal mode you need to take your cart to the shipper’s stated place for pick up and for delivery they will choose a location nearest to your place and you have to receive the cart from the shippers in order to take it to your home.

Small trailer shipping

Some people don’t want to take the hazards of searching transporters for covering short distance movement. So they prefer small trailer shipping. For that, make sure that you have chosen a wide and sturdy vehicle for shipping your cart. Additionally, you need to hire an experienced driver also. Get a proper ramp to load as per your cart’s weight and secure the cart with adequate nylon or ratchet straps from each side in order to avoid wobbling during motion.


If you just need to cover a few miles, towing is the budget-friendly method of shipping. Though, the process is not really recommended for shipping golf carts as, if the towing is not strong enough, there are chances of great damages to the cart. Make sure that the cart is on tow mode till the transportation process is completed. Do not try this process with your friends, rather ask for the help from your local golf cart supplier or repair services to do the job for you in case you don’t want to hire transporters for towing.


Insure your cart with a proper insurance policy before transferring it to another place, as insurance offers you the full damage coverage if it happens in transit. So, whenever you hire a transport service for your golf cart, ask them to secure your gear with their insurance terms.


Cost of shipping would be determined according to your desired shipping service and the distance. Generally, the cost ranges from $150 (in case if very short distance) up to $1500 if you want to ship long distances across the country or cross country.