Know Your Vehicle Profile with VIN

The Vehicle Identification Number corresponds to the serial number of a car and is essential during its purchase.

You have probably already  heard this term at least once: the VIN number of a vehicle. However, not everyone knows what this means and how important it is when buying a car.

As complex as it sounds, it is easy to understand once you find and sites like to check online. It is usually found in 3 different places.

Immediately after having localized, you will notice that the Vehicle identification number is composed of 17 alphanumeric digits, which are composed of four sections. And to understand this, we will start with the first.

The first digit indicates the country of origin, can ò be a number or a letter. Numbers 1, 4, and 5 correspond to the United States, 2 belong to Canada, 3 to Mexico, 6 and 7 to Oceania, and the rest to South America. If you are outside these countries, it is described with letters. For example, W belongs to Germany, while China uses L. Some countries use two acronyms, such as France, which uses VR or VF.

The second indicates the manufacturer of the vehicle, for example, the T corresponds to the Toyota, the H to Honda, even if not always the letter coincides with the mark, this is the case of the Kia that uses the N, like Nissan and the Infiniti.

The third character indicates the type of car. Naturally, it is created and decided by the car companies. GM assigns the number 1 to the car. That is, it is an ideal car for private transport of people, while it uses 2 to indicate pickups.

It should be remembered that 1, 2, and 3 indicate the origin, the manufacturer, and the type of vehicle, but not the model.

From the fourth to eighth character, we find the second part of the wine we say à exactly which vehicle refers. Each brand uses its own Vehicle identification number , but in short, you can ò know what kind of engine, model, version, and general specifications.

The ninth digit is a unit control. To put it simply, it is the number that has the task of verifying and validating that each number in the code is the right one, by means of a mathematical equation, proving that vin is not a fake.

The tenth digit tells us the year of manufacture, which is usually a letter. In 1980, this system began to be used, so this year is denoted by the letter A and the subsequent c away until you with the ‘ alphabet. 

The assembly plant is that it refers to the eleventh digit. As already said, every brand uses the corresponding letter.

Finally, the last six digits are a unit à internal control or a production number. In this way, each of the different productions is assigned a number.