Make sure that you get new safe tyres for your SUV

SUV summer tyres

Your SUV is a large-sized vehicle that can be used to drive within cities and for off-round driving. The people that use them for city driving will predominantly purchase them based on their status, size or safety record. However, to ensure that the output and safety correspond to the expected, it will need to be fitted with corresponding premium tyres.

Without proper tyres, the SUV might not be as safe as you might anticipate from its safety record. The control and stability will worsen, and depending on the weather, it can be dangerous to drive if you have the wrong tyres. People sometimes mistake the bigger, more rugged-looking tyres as safe regardless of what conditions you will encounter. This can make your situation even worse. SUVs have a higher weight than normal passenger cars, so the tyres’ load capacity needs to be higher.

SUV summer tyres will be different from the summer tyres you would buy for a normal passenger car since the size and weight requirements will differ.  In addition, if your SUV is an electric or hybrid, you will need SUV tyres that are recommended for those vehicles. The hybrid will be heavier due to the battery packs compared to a combustion engine SUV, so you will expect a bit higher wear on these tyres. Check before you purchase tyres for a hybrid if they are suitable for this purpose. The rotation of tyres become of high importance here. When you shift from summer to winter, tyres and vice versa might be a sufficient rotation time. Still, it depends on how much you drive, so by checking the tyre wear when you measure the tread depth, try to predict the wear and wear rate and if the difference becomes significant. When you have a difference of approximately 2-3 mm, it is time to rotate the tyres. This is done by putting the front tyres in the back tyre position and vice versa.

You must fit your SUVs with winter tyres if you plan to drive in winter conditions. Don’t try to drive with tyres that aren’t approved for winter use. The SUV tyres will become hard if they are not made from a rubber compound designed for cold temperatures. Hard tyres can’t generate the needed grip and traction during winter conditions. Conditions like ice and snow alsorequire a tread pattern designed to generate grip on slippery surfaces. Here, you will need proper SUV all-weather tyres that are winter approved or proper SUV winter tyres. With the right tyres on your SUV, you can increase both safety and performance.

Tyre maintenance is alwaysimportant,and it isn’t any different for an SUV as it is for a passenger car. It might be even more important, especially if you also do some off-road driving with it. Invest in proper tyres that are good for off-road use and that havearamid-reinforced sidewalls. This protects the tires from punctures due to sharp rocks and other objects. City driving can also benefit from this as potholes and curbs can damage your tyres. During tyre maintenance, check your tyres to see if any visible cuts or cracks; if you see damages, you need to visit a tyre service station asap to have them evaluate your tyres.

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