Protect your Vehicle from Excess Heat with Heat resistant products

Most of us own a personal vehicle for enjoying a luxurious lifestyle today. Also, life becomes easier when we have our car or a truck for travelling from one place to another along with our family. But to have a luxurious drive, it is essential to know every little detail about the machine to maintain the vehicle whereas the most important aspect is to protect the vehicle from heating up. And to our rescue, Kool Wrap has the best products to offer for preventing our vehicle from getting heated. Their products are tested before being sold to their customers which gives an assurance about the quality of their product. One such item from Kool Wrap is the Heat Sleeves that are made from a heavy-duty layer of reflective aluminium laminated to a fibreglass inner insulating layer. This sleeve has an open hook and loop seam making it easy to wrap around hoses, wiring or cables without removing them. Also, these Sleeves can be cut down from their original length as per our requirement.

Kool Wrap has been supplying their heat resistant products to various fast racing teams as well like V8 Supercar teams, Professional Drag racing teams, GM Holden, Off Shore Powerboats, etc. which has helped the company to deliver long-lasting products with assured results. The motive of Kool Wrap is not only to sell their products but to support our vehicle with the right care required for it to perform without any breakage. This heat proof cable sleeve has immense power in it to cool down the machine and gives you the perfect experience you expect while driving. 

Some of the high-temperature wire sleeve offered by Kool Wrap are Aluminium heat sleeve- Adhesive seam in silver, Aluminium heat sleeve- stitched in silver. Aluminium heat sleeve- stitched in gold, Heat shield sleeve with hook and loop seam in silver, etc. which are available in many sizes as per the requirement. The quality of these products delivered by Kool Wrap is immensely effective and that is the very reason for making them stand out in the Australian market. If you are looking for heat protection products for your vehicle, then Kool Wrap is the right choice for you.