Should you Choose a Mobile Mechanic or a Traditional Auto Repair Shop?

Mobile mechanics have a different work arrangement than traditional auto repair shops. Beyond the convenience factor, they also provide faster service, competitive pricing, and a broad range of repair services that are comparable to any shop. If you are planning to service your vehicle, should you pick a mobile mechanic or a traditional shop to do the work? The following are some factors you can compare to help you make a decision:


Going to an auto repair shop can be cumbersome, especially if your car only requires a minor service like a batter replacement or an oil change. Thankfully, a Toronto mobile mechanic can come to you to take care of these routine maintenance services and more. Plus, if your vehicle breaks down and cannot be operated, you don’t have to call a tow truck, a friend, or rideshare service. A mobile mechanic will come to where your car is, diagnose the problem and do the necessary repairs onsite, if possible.


Although mobile mechanics offer an extra level of convenience, their prices are always competitive with local shops by considering your area’s labour rates. They do not try to upsell their customers on extra services. Going with their service will let you save money.


A mobile mechanic offers a wide array of services at your home or office. Indeed, they can complete at least 80% of services directly on-site. From brake pads to spark pugs to timing belts and alternators, a mobile auto technician can take care of it all. If you want to purchase a second-hand vehicle, you can hire a mobile mechanic for doing pre-purchase inspections.

Speed of Service

Going to an auto repair shop is time-consuming. You need to make an appointment, bring your car to the facility, and wait for the work to be completed. This could take hours or even days.

Meanwhile, servicing your vehicle with a mobile mechanic is quick and easy. You can whatever you have to do while your car is being fixed. And as your mechanic is concentrating on your car only, you can expect the entire process to be expedited. Have a Locksmiths nyc is also important for emergency needs.

Warranty and Work Quality

Mobile mechanics are highly-trained technicians certified for their excellence in service. They know exactly how to get the job done right. Also, they only install high-quality, OEM, and OEM-approved parts to ensure a reliable repair service. Many of them cover their repair with a 12-month/12, 000-mile service warranty, whatever comes first.

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