Tips to Consider When Driving a Toyota Vehicle

Driving a car on the road requires knowledge of safe driving practices. It will help in keeping the vehicle in the best condition and using it to its full potential. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips from car experts that will make your driving efficient, safe, and convenient. 

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About Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japan-based multinational automotive manufacturer. The company was initiated by Kiichiro Toyoda. It got incorporated on August 28, 1937. 

Based on 2018-unit sales, it is the largest automobile manufacturer throughout Japan and the 2nd largest in the world after Volkswagen. Toyota has been the first automobile manufacturer in the world to manufacture over ten million vehicles every year. 

Tips on Selecting the Right Vehicle 

  • The first and foremost tip is to compare the different models based on their specs, features and benefits. Choose a fuel-efficient car so that you do not make excessive spending on fuel.
  • Find a car that meets your needs. 
  • Choose a vehicle that comes with eco-friendly-driving features
  • Select an electric or hybrid car

Driving Preparation Tips

  • Check the weather and decide whether or not it is safe to take out the car for driving
  • Remove bulky items from the boot
  • Remove the bike racks and roof
  • Check the tire pressure periodically, especially when they are cold

Driving Tips When Driving the Car on the Road

  • Go light on the brake and accelerator 
  • Look ahead and forestall the traffic
  • Maintain the right speed limit
  • Take smooth turns
  • Lessen idle time of the vehicle
  • Switch off the A.C
  • Regularly maintain your car

Important Things to Know When Leasing a Toyota Car

When you lease a car, the rental installation you pay is considerably lower than the EMI you pay on buying a car on loan. As you do not own the vehicle, you are not liable to pay for the periodic maintenance of the vehicle. You get to drive the latest models and enjoy a high performance at reasonable monthly EMI.  

You pay only a part of the total taxes of the vehicle every month. This tax benefit is available to only those who lease a car and do not buy the car by paying its total cost.

A car lease is beneficial for those who like to change their vehicle every few years. With this functionality, you get to lease a new car brand every two to three years. 

When leasing a car, here are a few leasing terms that you need to be aware of:

  • Suggested Retail Price by the Manufacturer
  • Money Factor/Lease Factor
  • Total Capitalized Price/Total Vehicle Price
  • Vehicle Residual Value After Depreciation


Safe driving should be the number one concern at the time of driving a vehicle. These are the best driving tips that will help you get the best economy from your vehicle. Implement them to ensure safe driving and get the maximum out of the driving experience.