Turning Your Old Skoolie into a Beautiful Home

Are you a person who believes that beautiful homes are not solely the ones found in one location forever? In most certainty, these houses can go through many forms of renovations. It’s the sweetest and safest place to be. But, what if you take on a new adventure of a lifetime? Such as turning a skoolie into your new humble abode? 

Does it seem like an impossible task to attain? Everything seems not viable at first glance. But, when you have set your eyes on the price, you can do anything!

You have to prepare for a big transition like this to be all set in every aspect. Whether physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially, you are organized and ready. It won’t be easy to turn an old skoolie into a beautiful home. First, though, you have to search for a short skoolie for sale to put a definite emphasis on what you’re getting into.

But, what is a skoolie?

Skoolies are what you call the ‘retired school buses’ that undergo massive levels of repurposing to convert them successfully. What happens when you repurpose these old school buses? These become recreational vehicles or RVs. Another term often used when describing skoolies is the ‘tiny home on wheels’ or ‘motorhomes.’

How to turn the old bus into a tiny motorhome?

Do you already own a skoolie? Now, that’s awesome. What are the vital points you got to inspect before turning the skoolie into the best home you can ever dream about?

There should never be any speck of rust found on the school bus. Or, if you don’t have a skoolie yet and plan to buy an old bus, meticulously inspect every corner of it that rust is nowhere to be seen.

But what if you see surface rust? Won’t it be a problem? When it comes to surface rust, it’s easily managed. So, it won’t be a big deal.

Plan everything out!

It’s crucial to plan which parts of the old bus need to be converted first. For example, aside from checking rust, you should remove the row seats. And when you have plans to create a home-like interior, removing the ceiling and flooring is best too.

It’s a tiny home on wheels, but you can make it bigger than it seems. How? Design the skoolie’s interior and enhance it through alterations like adding more headroom, ventilation, flooring, and so on. For this plan to work, you’d require a professional’s help, but it’ll be worth it.

As you would know, a bus is not fully equipped to become a home for anyone. So, in matters of temperature management, insulating the skoolie is the key. The best pick for insulators is spray foams.

Are you planning to add more rooms? Yes, you can, and it’s attainable through a basic strategic framing throughout the skoolie. Having more storage space is another efficient tactical move to do.

How much will all these cost? 

The process may cost from $4000 and to $30000. It depends upon your interior goals and how you’d like to proceed with the conversion. 

Is it too pricey? Maybe it is, and maybe not. But to turn your skoolie into a tiny home on wheels might be the best change that’ll happen in your life.