Types of hand controls available

Hand controls enable the driver to operate both the brake as well as the gas pedal, making use of levers that are normally placed under the steering wheel as well as attach with the pedals themselves. Many sorts of hand controls are there as well as it is important to talk to a dealer to find which ideal suits your requirements. Here are some standard types to get you started:

  • Push/rock design: When the motorist presses the deal with forwarding, the car will stop, as well as when the lever of the vehicle is rocked backwards, it will accelerate. Individuals without finger dexterity can run this version.
  • Push/right angle design: Enables the motorist to press the deal with upward towards the cockpit console to brake as well as downward at the best angle to accelerate. This approach is operable for persons with limited finger mastery.
  • Push/pull style: By pressing the bar forward on the car’s brakes will engage as well as when it is drawn backward; the vehicle will speed up. A three-post interface with hand’s installation can be done to permit the user for maintaining call with the take care of providing the driver with a greater control. This procedure design is good for persons with restricted finger dexterity.
  • Push/rotate design: The driver pressing the deal with forwarding triggers the automobile to brake as well as when the lever is turned the car will accelerate. Complete or limited finger function is needed for this type of control.
  • Electronically assisted hand controls: Provides two kinds of controls. Primary controls handle gas, brakes as well as guiding while the secondary driving controls are developed to operate various other vehicle features.
  • Guidebook driving controls: You can obtain controls that work the clutch and permit you to change equipment, but they can be difficult to discover. Rather than right-angle or push-pull control, a ring installed inside the steering-wheel’s circumference to manage the acceleration, while a bar-mounted next to the equipment shift/clutch stick manages the brake.