What You Should Know About Hiring Forklift Service For Slide Car

Hiring a forklift service is not a cheap investment, and it can be great for those who need temporary use of that machine. When hiring the forklift service, you can enjoy its ample benefits. But when hiring the service, you need to ask the following questions to the service providers, and here these are. Apart from the Slide car Ram Intra (รถสไลด์รามอินทรา, which is the term in Thai), you can use it for the following areas also.

How Much You Need To Lift

When choosing a forklift for rent, you should know about the weight that it can put maximum. Generally, the average load capacity of a forklift varies between 5000Ib for Slide car Ram Intra.  In case of adding extra attachments, the weight capacity gets reduced. So, first, know about the weight capacity before you rent a forklift service.

How Do Forklift Attachments Work

The forklift attachment can be used for a variety of applications. Except for a few extensions, the other car lift wings use similar technologies. Most use a tow bar with a hook to pivot under and around the back wheel. This is how the Forklift attachments work to lift a sliding car.

The Other Areas Where Forklifting Service Is Used

  • Dockyards: The forklift service has been used in world wars for shipping, unloading barges and ships. But nowadays, most of the time, the forklift service is used to move bulky cargo like delivery trucks in the flick side for shipping purposes. The forklift service is mainly used for steel and wood shipments.
  • Construction Sites: Most forklift service is also used in construction sites. In construction sites, they also use forklift services to transport heavy materials to certain areas.
  • Warehouse: The use of forklift service is also daily in loading and unloading goods. However, depending on the size and work, the variety of forklift services can work for a warehouse.
  • Recycling Purpose: The Forklift service is also helpful in recycling operations. It unloads recycling containers before transporting them to the sorting bays. The forklift truck can efficiently operate elevators, railway cars and trucks.


These all are the things that you should know about forklift service Slide car Ram Intra and their service areas. The forklift hit is a better idea rather than purchasing one. Ask your forklift hire service today for customised deals depending on the rental terms.