Why Auto Dealerships Offer Service Coupons?

Once a car purchase is made from any authorized auto dealership, the owners continue to receive several benefits from the auto manufacturer that help keep their cars in good health. The auto dealerships then will keep suggesting the owners to subscribe to their wide range of services, in which servicing and maintaining their cars will be a major one.

Auto service coupons are one of those offers that originally come from the auto maker, and reach the customers through the dealerships. At our nearby dealership from where we received the Kuna service coupons, we were told that through these service coupons the automakers want to ensure a hassle free servicing experience, while the coupons will reduce the overall cost of the service by certain percentage.

There itself, we were explained why at all the auto dealerships offer service coupons to their customers, which we feel like sharing with you all.

The Social Cause

Among all the reasons why the auto dealerships offer service coupons, first comes the social cause. Few auto makers issue special service coupons for some special sector of citizens who play a vital role in the society. They issue special discount coupons to those who serve the armed forces, the navy, and the air force. Some also offer service coupons to social workers and educators as well, where even family members of these people also become eligible to avail these service coupons.

Establish Long Term Relationship

Most of the auto makers offer service coupons to their customers through their dedicated dealerships, mainly to establish a long term relationship with their valued customers and win their goodwill. These coupons that can be claimed to reduce the cost of a service component help the owners maintain their vehicles with ease.

Guarantee the Quality of Service

The service coupons issued by a particular auto dealership can be availed only at their service stations, and nowhere else. So, to make sure the customers come to their own service stations for every kind of services, the auto dealerships offer such service coupons.

This is yet another way to guarantee the quality of service at a lower rate, which is difficult to get at private garages. This way, the owners can buy both an effective service and peace of mind, while saving some bucks.

Simultaneously, the service coupons that compel the owners to visit the authorized dealerships for any kind of service, it also ensures that the parts that are replaced by new ones will always be OEM parts and never with aftermarket ones.

Range of Services

The auto service coupons can cover a wide range of services that can include regular maintenance services like oil and filter change, wheel balancing and alignment, tire rotation, air pressure check and inflation, etc. some coupons might cover individual repair services like engine catalytic convertor repair, transmission fluid change and repair, and the like. Service coupons can also be applied for new part purchase like brake pads, new tires and wheels etc., confirmed the dealership staff members from whom we received our service specials near Kuna.