Top Tyre Myths You Should Never Believe

Your vehicles are your prized possessions. But unfortunately, the tyres happen to be one of the most neglected parts of your vehicle. As they seem to be quite out of your sight; hence, you end up neglecting these pretty often. People sometimes don’t even have a proper clue as to when they should change these tyres to avoid any mishaps later. 

And to add to all of this confusion, there are some myths about the tyres quite prevalent in the market. People have believed these for so long that they consider these myths to be proven facts. However, this isn’t the right information about the tyres, and hence, it is beneficial for the users to stop believing them as soon as possible. Confused? Find out these myths right here:

  • Wheel Alignment Do Not Require Attention Much

One of the biggest myths you can have about the Michelin tyres is about wheel alignment. People often overlook this aspect as they feel there isn’t any need to consider wheel alignment so frequently. And you only need to pay attention to it while changing the tyres.  

But that should never be the case for any vehicle user. One needs to perform wheel alignment at least once every year and when you decide to rotate the tyres. You can also do so while completing travelling every 10,000km interval.

  • Changing The Front Tyres Is Enough

Tyres, no matter where they are placed, require your attention without any delay. You cannot simply change the front tyres and forget about the rest that helps you move the car around.

Once the tyres provide you with the initial indication of wear and tear, it is time to change all of them at once. Also, you can rotate the tyres once every 10,000km to ensure safety. If you want to replace only two tyres, make sure to focus on the rear axle.

  • Old Tyres Fail To Perform

Another myth is that if you choose tyres with old manufacturing dates, you get to compromise with the performance. But that isn’t the truth at all. No matter what the manufacturing date is, the brand new tyres would perform similarly, depending on its quality. Also, they will perform similarly only if they aren’t damaged and stored properly. 

  • Pumping Too Much Can Cause Your Tyre To Explode

Good quality Michelin tyres Bahrain do not explode simply because of over inflation. Most of the superior quality tyres can withstand maximum permissible tyre pressure, and the value is present right on the sidewalls. And even if they explode, then that might happen due to a pothole.

This over-inflation can cause tirelessly excessive wear and tear, which can potentially reduce its contact with the road. It can also cause the drivers to believe that the vehicles are more responsive due to the lesser contact between the surfaces.

Final Thoughts

These are some myths about the tyres that are quite common in the market. You must have heard some of these from your tyre manufacturers or even friends. Even a few people believe that spare tyres don’t require any changes.

That is wrong as the temporary ones do not provide the same durability and performance compared to the regular ones. Hence, it is advisable to change the spare tyres once in a while, depending on their condition. If you have more to add to this list of tyre myths, feel free to comment below.