New US Factory In Tennessee Will Bring Tailored Tires To North America

 all-weather tires

Nokian Tyres have built a new tire factory in Dayton, Tennessee. Nokian Tyres is well known for being the inventor of winter tires, almost 85 years ago. Today, they have a full range of premium tires for all types of weather and vehicles. The entry into the US comes at a good time due to lower transportation costs. It also shows that Nokian Tyres is serious about being a real player in this market. Most of their sales in North America are expected to come from their all-season tires. Their new Nokian Tyres One, the first passenger car tire with aramid-reinforced sidewalls, will offer pothole protection. They also have their Nokian One HT for their larger vehicle range.

Their previous focus was on the winter tire market in North America. Still, with the new factory opening this year, they will be more competitive in supplying tires for the bigger all-season tire market. They claim that the focus will be on the larger tire sizes and tires for premium cars. The solid reputation of Nokian Tyres should help them to gain the market share that they are seeking.  They have also designed tires especially for the North American market, which should help their market share.

All-season tires are summer tires but optimized to include spring, summer, and fall weather. They are not to be used during winter weather. Not all the American states have a winter season, but the ones often ill-equipped to handle the winter conditions. If a snowstorm hits, it is often associated with massive chaos. A big part is because people are driving with tires that don’t have any grip in winter conditions.

Optimally, if you live in areas that do experience winter weather, combine the all-season tires with a set of winter tires or snow tires. This will ensure that you have the proper tires for each season and will provide you with the needed safety in terms of grip on the surfaces that you will face in these conditions.

All-season tires will get hard during low temperatures, as they are not designed for those low temperatures as they focus on the warm summer temperatures. This means that when the temperatures drop to freezing, you will be stuck with hard tires that can comply with the road surface. The tread design is also not optimized for snow, ice, or slush but dry and wet pavement. As long as you only drive in these circumstances, you will be fine and have a very good tire. If the weather conditions change to winter conditions, so should your tires. You could also go for an all-weather tire, that if winter approved, will be able to handle both summer and winter conditions. This is a good tire if you don’t feel like changing tires between seasons and always want to be ready to drive every day regardless of the weather.

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